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Ieuan’s challange done


Finally, a scripting language assignment done.

Earlier this week during the lab session on Monday, my teaching assistant Ieuan, assigned a homework to the class where we are tasked to improve our form helper CodeIgniter exercise to be able to work in conjunction with a database. He did not state specifics, but I think he wants us to make the form validate with data stored in a database. Continue reading

Batik Lasem Ber(uang)(?)- A Scripting Language project

Collaboration between numerous different fields of study or work is not a new phenomena. As such, I’ve learnt that in a previous course called project hatchery, where 5 complete strangers with different study majors collaborate on a project to solve certain problems. Of course, I passed the course and so did my group mates. However, this is not project hatchery, yet it is scripting language related. Continue reading