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Ieuan’s challange done


Finally, a scripting language assignment done.

Earlier this week during the lab session on Monday, my teaching assistant Ieuan, assigned a homework to the class where we are tasked to improve our form helper CodeIgniter exercise to be able to work in conjunction with a database. He did not state specifics, but I think he wants us to make the form validate with data stored in a database. Continue reading

KepoInc-A new venture

In order to improve, one must be able to take new risk, take deep plunges, and venture out into unknown territories.

That was an excerpt that I quoted from myself a couple of minutes ago. But sometimes, some of the things I say makes sense, you cant outgrow your shell if you just keep stagnant. Therefore, in order for me to grow my web development empire, I created Kepoinc , my newest web development brand, a brand which is an extension of Keanu, or just a one of my silly mad side projects (but silly side projects have proved to grow into insanely big unicorns). But before I do anymore tweaking, i must first finish Ieuan’s scripting language assignment…

Scripting Language Homework – Ieuan’s chalange

Today marks the checkpoint session of the scripting language lab sessions. Throughout the past month my teaching assistant Ieuan has been teaching me and my class the basics of using the ever popular CodeIgniter php framework. As you may now, I’ve written my past major php project in pure php, and I must say it is quite an eye opening (& watering) experience. However, using CodeIgniter has its pros and cons. Continue reading

Batik Lasem Ber(uang)(?)- A Scripting Language project

Collaboration between numerous different fields of study or work is not a new phenomena. As such, I’ve learnt that in a previous course called project hatchery, where 5 complete strangers with different study majors collaborate on a project to solve certain problems. Of course, I passed the course and so did my group mates. However, this is not project hatchery, yet it is scripting language related. Continue reading

Binus Elaborated Events (B.E.E)

Bee-HomeBEE is an early prototype of what an event CMS web application would look like of Keanu and his mates get together and just code horribly. What started as a family and student friendly Sindhen clone for Binus International campus events, ended in a wonderful group set of incoherently written lines of code that manages to execute properly into a web based application for adding, viewing, and managing Non academic Binus events. Continue reading