Scripting Language Homework – Ieuan’s chalange

Today marks the checkpoint session of the scripting language lab sessions. Throughout the past month my teaching assistant Ieuan has been teaching me and my class the basics of using the ever popular CodeIgniter¬†php framework. As you may now, I’ve written my past major php project in pure php, and I must say it is quite an eye opening (& watering) experience. However, using CodeIgniter has its pros and cons.

CodeIgniter is relatively straightforward once you know what you are doing, but there is quite the learning curve for you to reach that “knowing what you are doing” level. Codeigniter’s numerous folders containing controller files, views for the frontend, as well as other mumbo jumbo that I’ve never even put my hands on (but seems rather important). The combination of those herculean number of folders is what makes code igniter what it is, on the plus side, it makes collaboration a tat bit easier if you are working in a small or large team of programmers.

Today, Ieuan finally wants to see what we can do on our own with codeIgniter. He tasked us to improve an exercise that we worked on in class earlier today concerning “forms and form handling”, but to expand it and incorporate a database functionality. He did not specify what, but he mentioned “:connecting”, so I will do my best and try to make it seem rather adequate for Ieuan’s standard…

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