Batik Lasem Ber(uang)(?)- A Scripting Language project

Collaboration between numerous different fields of study or work is not a new phenomena. As such, I’ve learnt that in a previous course called project hatchery, where 5 complete strangers with different study majors collaborate on a project to solve certain problems. Of course, I passed the course and so did my group mates. However, this is not project hatchery, yet it is scripting language related.

In the wonderful world of web design, designers often work together with programmers to produce beautiful web sites, with powerful web programming running in the background, this is not always the case. Sometimes the programmer lacks tenacity in coding (like I did a couple of months ago), or in this case… the web front end is just poorly made.

My lecturer Mister Bahana divided my class into groups and assigned us some wonderful html front-end designed by some art or Information systems student, to produce an “e-commerce” themed website for Batik Lasem. the front-end is probably from another multimedia systems course where the main focus is html. Luckily, my group has been assigned an html design with beautiful and minimalist design cues (just what the doctor ordered).

My group consists of Jason, Alex, and myself, all from the same class and all computer scientists (to be..). We’ve not divided any group work yet because the lecturer has not yet invited us to a dropbox folder that contains the said html assets for use. In future posts, expect updates on the progress of redesigning the UI (if any) and addition of some php server side scripting programming to turn a boring html file that redirects pages, into a startup unicorn worthy of fighting toe-to-toe with the likes of tokopedia and bukalapak .

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